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My name is Lani and I have two amazing dogs, Sparky an elderly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Caroline, a spunky Lhasa Apso.

I have always had an innate love of art and photography. I have studied drawing and painting from world class artists at several of the prestigious art academies in London and New York City. I love art!
I gradually moved my artistic tendencies toward photography once my first dog, Lucky, came to live with me.  I am especially passionate about pet photography!   Digital photography allows me to spend more time with my adoring dogs and best of all does not involve the toxic and flammable chemicals associated with traditional oil paint (which could be a hazard to use around my dogs).  
In addition to pet photography, I enjoy photographing many other subjects ranging from food to landscapes to people! My landscape and cityscape images are available for purchase on a variety of media.
To contact me please email lanibass@gmail.com or call 201-406-6723.
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